Teck is committed to the community
Community Investment

Teck is committed to helping build healthy, vibrant communities in the areas where we operate. Through Teck’s community investment program, we contribute to charitable organizations, institutions and initiatives that strengthen communities.

Teck targets strategic community investments in sustainable community development projects and initiatives with both local and global relevance. Our goal is to address community priorities that align with our business objectives to create shared benefit from our community investments. We focus our contributions in four categories: health, education, environment, and community. Learn more about our approach to Community Investment on the Maximizing Sustainable Benefits for Communities page

Our community investment program is guided by the best practices from the International Finance Corporation, London Benchmarking Group and Imagine Canada.

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Community Investment Categories

Teck focuses our contributions within four community investment categories. We support programs and initiatives that:


enhance access to health services, improve child and maternal health, and/or reduce the prevalence of disease.


enhance access to educational resources and training opportunities with an emphasis on programs of relevance to the mining, metals and energy industries.


support and enhance the environment with a particular focus on water, biodiversity, and energy.


build capacity and improve livelihoods by supporting business development, agriculture, subsistence activities, employment initiatives, food security and vulnerable groups. We also support projects that enhance community spirit and wellness through community organizations, indigenous organizations and athletic and recreational activities.

Other Categories

In some cases, Teck will contribute to visual and performing arts organizations, libraries, museums and cultural centres that emphasize the role of mining and minerals in society or the promotion of local and indigenous culture.

Frequently Asked Questions
Where does Teck’s community investment program contribute?
We contribute to organizations, institutions and initiatives that strengthen communities in the regions where we operate as well as national and global initiatives.
How are Teck’s community investments provided?
Our community investments are provided as funding, in-kind contributions and employee time.
Who is eligible?
Organizations or groups who are registered charities and those that serve a charitable purpose are eligible for community investments from Teck.
How will Teck let me know their decision?
Once you have submitted your online application, you can expect to receive notification following an internal review process within the quarter that your application is received. Notification time may be prolonged if there is an unexpectedly high volume of requests or if your request is incomplete and we must contact you for additional information. A community investment representative from Teck will be in touch via phone or email to give you the outcome of your request.
What is Teck’s community investment program guided by?
Our community investment program is guided by the best practices from the International Finance Corporation, London Benchmarking Group and Imagine Canada.
How much does Teck give every year?
As per Imagine Canada guidelines, Teck targets to donate 1% of pre-tax earnings on a five-year rolling average basis to community investments.
The Application Process

All applications must be received through our online application system. Applications are accepted throughout the year. We thank you for your interest in submitting a funding request. Teck donates approximately 1% of our annual pre-tax earnings on a five-year rolling average basis. Given current market conditions, our 2015 community investment budget is very limited. While we will continue to accept applications, we may not have capacity to make new community investments this year.